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PO Box 310
1981 Schurman Way
Woodland, WA 98674
United States

Phone:   360-225-8267
Phone2: 800-BUY-USNR
FAX:     360-225-8017
Web:    www.usnr.com

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USNR is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of advanced wood processing and drying solutions for sawmills, planer mills, OSB, LVL, plywood, veneer and other engineered wood plants. We understand the complete process of converting raw materials into finished products. Investigate USNR for your next project.

USNR appears under these categories:
Material Handling Systems & Trucking - Board & Lumber Stackers, Conveyors & Materials Handling Systems, Unscramblers
Pallet Lumber Sawing & Finishing Machinery - Panel Saws, Planers/Cant Sizers, Resaws (Band)
Saw Blades, Knives & Blade Maintenance - Knives (Counter/Chipper/Planer)
Sawmill - Band Mills (Industrial), Butt Reducers, Cant Sizers, Carriages (Sawmill), Chain (Conveying), Chip Handling Equipment, Chipper Parts, Chipper/Canters, Chippers, Computer Software, Controls, Conveyors (Log/Lumber), Curve Sawing Machinery, Custom Designed Machinery, Debarker Components, Debarkers, Decks, Dry Kiln Heat Recovery Systems, Dry Kilns, Edgers, Feed Works, Gear Reducers/Drives, Grade Printing Equipment, Grading Lines, Headrigs (Band), Headrigs (Circular), Hogs, In-Kiln Moisture Measurement, Log Turners, Optimizers/Scanners, Planers / Planer Mills, Predryers, Resaws (Band), Resaws (Circular), Ripsaws, Screens, Setworks, Small Log Mills, Sorters, Sprockets, Stackers and Unstackers, Tensioners, Tilt Hoist Systems, Top Doggers, Trimmers
Services - Consulting, Machinery Retrofitting, Plant Layout/Turn Key Projects
Specialty Items - Bins, Software, Veneer Grading Equipment

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