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Metal Detectors, Inc.
PO Box 26440
1001 Terry Street
Eugene, OR 97402
United States

Contact:  Laura Blackwell
Phone:   (541) 345-7454
FAX:     (541) 345-7971
Email:    sales@mdiblue.com
Web:    www.mdiblue.com

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Manufacturers of industrial conveyor line metal detectors to protect hogs, chippers, saws, presses, lathes, planers, and refiners since 1965. Surround Type Metal Detectors and Under Conveyor Metal Detectors with proven M-4 digital technology available for whole log, cant, lumber, panel board, plywood, planer, wastewood, OSB, MDF and recycling installations.

Metal Detectors, Inc. appears under these categories:
Material Handling Systems & Trucking - Conveyors & Materials Handling Systems
Pallet Lumber Sawing & Finishing Machinery - Gang Saws, Package Cutoff Saws, Panel Saws, Planers/Cant Sizers, Resaws (Band), Resaws (Block), Resaws (Circular)
Pallet Repair/Recycling Machinery - Magnetic Separators
Saw Blades, Knives & Blade Maintenance - Knives (Counter/Chipper/Planer), Saw Blade Parts - Bearings, Husks, Mandrels, Saw Blades (Band), Saw Blades (Circular & Strob), Saw Sharpening Machinery Systems/Accessories, Teeth/Shanks/Carbide Tips
Sawmill - Band Mills (Industrial), Bars (Saws, Cutoff, Deck), Chain (Conveying), Chain (Debarking), Chainsaw Mills, Chip Handling Equipment, Chipper/Canters, Chippers, Conveyors (Log/Lumber), Debarker Components, Debarkers, Grinders (Wood waste), Headrigs (Band), Headrigs (Circular), Hogs, Log Flare Butt Reducers, Resaws (Band), Resaws (Circular), Ripsaws, Saw Deck/Chop, Small Log Mills
Specialty Items - Metal Detectors
Wood Fiber, Biomass, Wood Waste, and Residue Systems - Wood Hogs & Chippers

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