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Smith Sawmill Service
181 County Road 4763
Timpson, TX 75975
United States

Contact:  Paul Smith, Michael Smith, Dustin Norris
Phone:   936-254-3161
Phone2: 800-598-6344
Email:    info@SmithSawmillService.com
Web:    www.Sawmill.Shop

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Smith Sawmill Service has been proudly serving the wood industry since 1990. Our services and products are designed around the ever-changing needs of sawmills, chip mills, paper mills, pallet manufacturers and the like. We feel, through our 50 plus employees, our customers reap the benefit of over 200 years of combined sawmill experience. We have over 15,000 square feet in our shop, equipped with the right machinery to supply sawmills with what is necessary to meet tomorrow’s needs today, and most importantly to achieve the highest yield at the lowest cost.

Smith Sawmill Service appears under these categories:
Logging - Bars (Saw bars), Chainsaw Accessories (Bars, Chains, Sharpeners, Etc.), Chainsaws, Chippers (Mobile), Chippers (Whole Tree), End Sealer, Safety Equipment/Apparel
Material Handling Systems & Trucking - Conveyors & Materials Handling Systems
Saw Blades, Knives & Blade Maintenance - Band Blade Weld Analysis & Testing, Blade Tensioning & Leveling Equip, Knives (Counter/Chipper/Planer), Nail Cutting Blades (Band), Saw & Carbide Sharpening Services, Saw Blade Parts - Bearings, Husks, Mandrels, Saw Blades (Band), Saw Blades (Circular & Strob), Saw Sharpening Machinery Systems/Accessories, Teeth/Shanks/Carbide Tips
Sawmill - Abrasives, Bars (Saws, Cutoff, Deck), Bearings, Blowers, Carriages (Sawmill), Chain (Conveying), Chip Handling Equipment, Chipper Parts, Chipper/Canters, Chippers, Conveyors (Log/Lumber), Debarker Components, Debarkers, Feed Works, Grinders (Knife), Headrigs (Band), Headrigs (Circular), Hose, Hose Fittings, Etc., Log Turners, Lubricants, Moisture Meters, Portable Sawmills, Post & Pole Machinery, Screens, Setworks
Services - Consulting, Machinery Retrofitting

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