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Cooper Machine Company, Inc.
PO Box 550
50 W Smith St
Wadley, GA 30477
United States

Contact:  Frances Cooper
Phone:   478-252-5885
FAX:     478-252-1866
Email:    info@coopermachine.com
Web:    www.coopermachine.com

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While Cooper Machine is best known for our Low Grade and Pallet solutions, we provide quality equipment for Grade and Tie Mills as well. Best known for our Scraggs, we produce Merchandising Systems, Slab Recovery Systems, Trimmers, Edgers, Cant and Lumber Sorting/Stacking Systems and optimization/controls for the equipment.

Cooper Machine Company, Inc. appears under these categories:
Material Handling Systems & Trucking - Board & Lumber Stackers, Conveyors & Materials Handling Systems, Unscramblers
Pallet Lumber Sawing & Finishing Machinery - Block Cutters, Cutoff/Crosscut/End Trim Saws, Planers/Cant Sizers, Resaws (Band), Resaws (Circular), Scragg Mills, Slab Recovery Systems
Pallet Repair/Recycling Machinery - Board End Trim Saws
Sawmill - Band Mills (Industrial), Cabs & Canopies, Cant Sizers, Carriages (Sawmill), Chipper/Canters, Chippers, Computer Software, Controls, Conveyors (Log/Lumber), Custom Designed Machinery, Decks, Edgers, Headrigs (Band), Headrigs (Circular), Log Turners, Optimizers/Scanners, Post & Pole Machinery, Resaws (Band), Resaws (Circular), Ripsaws, Saw Deck/Chop, Scragg Mills, Setworks, Small Log Mills, Sorters, Sprockets, Stackers and Unstackers, Top Doggers, Trimmers
Services - Machinery Retrofitting
Specialty Items - Metal Detectors, Motors/Starters/Electrical, Stacking Sticks, Tie Handling & Sorting Equipment
Wood Fiber, Biomass, Wood Waste, and Residue Systems - Bark, Chip & Shaving Processing Systems, Biomass Combustion Systems, Cogeneration Systems, Drum Dryers, Grinders (Wood waste), Pellet / Briquette Machinery, Rotary Dryers, Wood Pellet Production Lines

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